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industrial part marking

Our printers are ideal for permanent, durable industrial part marking. They deliver crisp text and sharp, detailed logos and images in bright white, black and vibrant colors on metals, plastics, ceramics and a wide variety of other materials.

Our printers offer many advantages over traditional marking methods such as electrochemical, laser, inkjet, hot foil stamping etc . On our printers custom jobs are quick and easy to set up and operate and boast increased flexibility and customization options. They can create crisp, durable marks including super-fine text and various standard codes on even the darkest and most delicate parts. Variable printing is inbuilt in the digital printing process. Inkjet printing provides ultra-quick ink curing time, allowing for precise opaque white marking on black and other dark-colored surfaces. Our precision print head allows small, delicate parts to be marked without being damaged. 

Our inks offer superior durability and resistance to abrasion and solvents in even the harshest industrial environments. Our inks also retain some flexibility after curing, making them less susceptible to cracking. Our inks adhere permanently to metals (stainless steel, aluminum, powder-coated metals, etc.), plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and more.

 Our printers are great for many part marking applications, including:

  • Barcode marking
  • Marking for part identification and traceability
  • Unique identification (UID marking
  • Industrial and commercial labeling
  • Dial faces and equipment face plates and serial plates
  • Military, aviation and commercial name plates, including highly contrasted markings
  • Computer, server and router rack-mount products
  • Microchips and other electronics components
  • Injection-molded parts
  • OCR applications requiring fine detail
  • Data Matrix codes and other standard government, aerospace, etc. markings


Our printer line can accommodate parts up to 329 mm x 600mm and 4" (100mm) thick. Fine detail text for OCR applications is achievable with one of the smallest ink droplet sizes.


Industrial Label Printers: Dial Face Printing, Equipment Serial Plate Printing

Printing industrial labeling, dial faces, equipment serial plates and signage, our printers are most suited for the job as they offer the possibility of high accuracy coupled with low production run sizes economy. Our industrial labeling systems allow you to print full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text directly onto rigid substrates such as PVC, acrylics,metals, anodized aluminum and wood. Our industrial label printers allow you to create your own custom labels for any application. The combination makes anideal substrate for custom label printing and industrial label printing. It’s ideal for printing everything from interior signage to desk plates, door plates, machine tags and labels.


Dial Face Printers

Our printers allow you to print durable full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text directly onto custom dial faces. Our printers offer several unique benefits for dial face printing. These models are capable of producing small, yet highly readable text, with prints that are very resistant to solvents and abrasion. Our UV printers a very opaque white and crisp, bright colors, even on dark and translucent dials. Dial face applications include: instruments, gages, scales, speedometers, counting, elevators, drums, telephones, meters, clocks, watches and machine tools. We also offers the possibility  to print white inks in one pass as a undercoat. This results in a more durable image with greater resolution making this an ideal substrate for creating items such as dial faces and industrial signage.

Printers for Equipment Serial Plates

Our printers allow you to print detailed, full-color or single-color equipment serial plates, warning plates and identification plates on metal, plastic and other materials. Our printers provide many unique capabilities that are valuable for equipment serial plate printing, including:

  • Easy serialization with our variable printing software – no need to type in each serial or identification number
  • Durable prints are resistant to solvents and abrasion
  • Create full-color plates, even on dark substrates is possible giving a white undercoat layer.
  • Print text that is small, yet readable