Our flatbed inkjet direct-to-substrate printers are ideal for digitally decorating everything from plastics, metals, wood, glass, acrylic and ceramic tiles – without the need for pre-coating or priming. Printing high-quality, photo-realistic images, logos and text onto signage, promotional items and giveaways, packaging, plaques, mirrors, golf balls, CDs, injection-molded parts and much more. Our process offers enhanced durability and solvent resistance and a more opaque white when we use an underlay.

The adjustable printing bed makes it possible to print on surfaces ranging in thickness from a sheet of paper up to as much as four inches. Typically used for commercial applications, digital flatbed printing is often a substitute for screen printing or pad printing. Since no printing plates or silkscreens must be produced, digital printing technology allows shorter runs of signs to be produced economically. 


The broad categories that the technology finds widespread usage in are branding of articles with a company logo, individual product marking or labelling as well as product customisation by way of photo quality printing. We offer a maximum bed size of 13 x 21 inch and a object thickness of upto 100 mm. Almost all articles can be printed with the only restriction that the surface must be largely flat. However even curved objects like golf balls can be printed albeit with a small image size of printing.


INKJET PRINTING produces photo-realistic graphics with brilliant colour intensity. In addition we also offer White digital printing. This is a huge advantage as it allows us to print on coloured base materials using a white underlay to ensure that there is a brilliant print outcome even on a coloured background. Also text can be printed in white colour on a coloured base.

flat bed digital logo printing


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