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We offer Flatbed inkjet digital printing services for a wide range of materials. We do not need to pre-treat the material and our high quality inks anchor well on most substrates. We offer 8 colour photo quality printing at high resolutions. In addition we also offer white digital printing that is unique. White ink printing allows a lot of flexibility. When printing on a  clear/transparent base the white ink can be either selectively printed to give pop out effects by increasing the contrast or we can even give a full  white base coat for fuller contrasts. Similarly when printing on dark base materials we can print a white base coat such that the inks are vivid and do not look washed out or dull.

We have been printing on non absorbent plastic substrates for over 20 years and are well versed with the mediums and are able to offer superior print outcomes. Some of the common items that can be done effectively by our process are - Signage - Promotional Items - Stationary - Small decoration purpose  articles and more. These could be made from pvc, plastic, leather, wood, ceramic, acrylic etc. For example, pens, lighters, rulers, photo frame awards, trophies, memorial gifts etc. 

Printing Features
  • Super A3+ printing size: 329*600mm.
  • High resolution: 5760*1440DPI.
  • Max printing thickness: 400mm.
  • 8 colors with high and sharp color performances.
  • Direct printing on various materials.
  • Compatible with common software, i.e: ps/cd/aucad.
  • Low cost customized gifts printing.
  • Automatic height measurement and stop.